Access All Areas October 2019 - Page 41

SECURITY Technological advancements, including facial recognition and high definition video, is changing the day-to-day operations and responsibilities of this age-old profession S ecurity is an active job both on the front line, and behind the scenes, say our sector experts. “Summer 2019 was more man- power intensive than previous years, as clients increased their expenditure on Security, asking for more SIA licensed personnel and stewards,” says KN Security Services director Soyful Amin. “The challenge was to find the right people and have them prepared for each event, the background work such as vetting and training large volumes of people is almost as intensive as the site work itself.” Amin is also looking out for the political and economic changes and how they might impact his work. “Brexit has not had a direct impact yet. The only issues we face is that some of OCTOBER | SECTOR FOCUS our staff are worried about the impact it could have on them continuing to work. Some have already discussed returning to their home countries.” Outside these concerns, innovation has played a key role for KN. “We have invested in the technology we can offer our customers specifically in a system to audit time and attendance with GPS capability so our customers can be sure the resources they requested were in the right places at the right times for their event, with large volume festivals this can also 41