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OCTOBER | THE ANATOMY OF… Genre generations Festivals switching genres has caused outrage, but also new fan bases. Blu investigates the recent trends... Grime and Glastonbury have a bit of a chequered history, whilst rock fans at Reading & Leeds were outraged when headliners like Skepta and Kendrick Lamar were announced in recent years. This raises questions; have UK festival line-ups diversified or diluted over time? How have they evolved to move away from their core genre? And when did the shift begin? Blu decided to investigate, analysing 164 lineups from eight of the most popular UK festivals, across their two main stages, evaluating the genres of each act and comparing how they have changed over time. KEY Classic World Dance Soul Rock RnB Reggae Punk Pop Jazz Indie Hip-hop Metal Grime Folk Electronic 20 GLASTONBURY 70s 80s 90s 00s 10s