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APRIL | CONTENTS 15 THE REGULARS 23 08 Bigger Picture The Event Production Show gets its ‘mojo’ back 12 The Anatomy of... Organisers are improving their sustainability credentials, says a new survey 20 Trending How are the festival and conference industries learning from each other? Stuart Wood investigates 42 The Commentator Will the Six Nations be taken over by CVC Capital Partners? 28 50 Me, Myself & I David W. Johnson, former NASA engineer, talks Elton John, holograms and augmenting sound THE NOT-SO REGULARS 23 Review Access reports on the biggest EPAs yet, showcasing the best the industry has to offer 28 Cover Feature Industry legend Harvey Goldsmith CBE is still on the cutting edge INGENIOUS SOLUTION + No. 897 + A Summer of Misting Summer EVENTS 2019 MTF X. com/ A DS = Scented Misting Systems. Bespoke, interactive misting features keeping you cool and refreshed this summer event season! Welcome to MTFX. The ingenious effects people. 01452 729903 03