Abus Coritani Review Spring 2014 vol 6

1 Abus Coritani Review ISSUE 6 SPRING EQUINOX 2014 Regular Features Upcoming Events Articles Poetry Recipes Book Reviews Adverts Editor’s Bit Inside this issue: Editor’s bit 1 Upcoming Events 2 From the Diary 3 Pagan Parenting 3 Yule Ritual 6 New Year/New Moon Ritual 9 Druid Magic 10 Philip Heselton talk 11 Imbolc Virgin 12 Wisdom Circle 14 A Walk With the Little Voice Inside 15 Avalon 16 Folk at the Island 19 Hare Felting Workshop20 Incense Making 22 The Hoovarians 23 The Fairie Realms 28 Poetry 29 Book Reviews 31 Recipes 32 Advertisements 35 For Submissions: To submit articles to the newsletter, please email articles to: diane.worthington@ntlworld.com Finally the Winter is over and Spring is showing her colours, the crocus, snowdrop and daffodil lifting us all with their bright cheerful faces, and the trees blossoming or starting to bud up ready to give us a wonderful Spring show. The newsletter seems to go from strength to strength, and we have a bumper edition for you this time. I would like to take this opportunity to extend a heartfelt thanks to all of you who contributed, and to encourage those who have yet to submit anything to give it a go as our strength lies in our diversity and it is wonderful to have as many viewpoints as possible! Even though we have been in the grip of Winter though, the Abus Coritani have not been idle, and there has been lots going on as usual, all contained within this newsletter, so you can re-live it all again, or join with us in sharing it now if you missed it! We also have a very busy time ahead of us, and details are some of our upcoming events are listed here, but for the full agenda, as always, go to https://www.facebook.com/groups/northlincsandsouthyorksdruids/events/ If there is anything else you would like to see here in future, please contact me at diane.worthington@ntlworld.com. This email address can also be used for submissions for future editions (please!). Diane Worthington