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This month I would like to tell you about a wonderful project, BELÍSSIMAS, which I was invited to join. In addition to honor Brazilian women over 50 years, is also philanthropic, created by Jade Matarazzo, award winner and renowned Brazilian photographer residing in Florida . Photos Elita’s Personal Archives For the realization and implementation of this project a committee was created. Aware of the greatness involved, they drew the qualification criteria that govern the participation in the project . BELÍSSIMAS first edition highlights the Brazilianness , women with participation in Florida and involved with entrepreneurship . Each with its life history, and other with more than inspiring examples of overcoming life challenges. “ BELÍSSIMAS“ pays homage to the Brazilian woman in Florida and philanthropic organizations in Brazil . The “ BELÍSSIMAS project, which began as an old dream of the photographer Jade Matarazzo, in producing a book of photographs with women older than 50 years is taking shape as a philanthropic project involving 50 women with outstanding performance in different areas of Florida . The photographer explains the philosophy of the project : And further says , The BELÍSSIMAS at this first edition are distinguished by brasililidade ( Brasilianity), for their activities in Florida and the entrepreneurship, dynamism and creativity. They all have their life stories , some inspiring , some are examples of tenacity. man Marcus in Bal Harbour . Among Belíssimas already disclosed are : Amanda Delboni , Esther Schattan , Hello Campos and Solange Lemos. About the Artist - Jade Matarazzo uses photography to tell histories and stories . Her series transit from the universe of abandoned and forgotten to color images All BELÍSSIMAS feature and textures of flowers . in their biography a charity of their choice. Her earthly work ranges from portraits, The launch of the book will fashion and travel, editorial and commertake place on January 30, cial . The photographer has received sev2014 , at The Miami Grand eral awards , including Francisco Goya, Theatre, fully renovated Barcelona, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, with the date set for re- Austria and the International Brazilian opening in December. The Press Award in the United States . Consul General of Brazil in Miami, Ambassador The Organizing Committee for “ BELÍSSIHélio Vitor Ramos Filho, MAS “ are: makeup artist who writes and signs the Andrea Felizardo, writer Celia McCallum, preface for the first edition Journalist Chris Delboni, Maria do Carmo , will grant to the institu- Fulfaro, marketing director for the Brotion a check for the amount raised at the ward Center for the Performing Arts, Maevent. ria Inês Dal Borgo, Vice President of the Brazil - USA Cultural Center, and the busiThe theater is located in the former Play- nesswoman and brokerage Yara Gouveia . boy Plaza Hotel , which received celebrities such as Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Well, I am extremely proud to be a part and the Jackson Five in the 70’s, and today of this book and lucky to be awarded , the is part of the heritage of Miami Beach. NGO supported in Brazil , that will benefit from the award. Celia McCallum, author of The Book (writ-    ten part) defines what being BELÍSSIMAS Our BELÍSSIMAS are examples for our A big kiss to all wonderful friends who read younger generations, admired and re- what I wrote with great affection for you spected by the community of Brazilians in during this year, they have a lovely ChristFlorida and still represent a huge pride for mas , surrounded by friends , family beside Brazil, the country where they were born, you love the people who also love you . she says. “They are re Strong women, HAPPY HOLIDAYS ! ! ! ! fighters, warriors “ “ The project was well received by the Bra- Elita Freitas zilian community in Miami, which in less than a week before the release on facebook, https://www.facebook.com/pages/Belissimas it already received more than 1,500 “likes “ . The number is growing , and daily from now until the launch of the book, each BELÍSSIMAS will be introduced on At any age, a woman is beautiful . The 50 Facebook . There will be two cocktails preor more add to the beauty life experiences, release of the Project : Artifact in Miami, which only increases their power and cha- one of the sponsors of the book , and at Neirisma “