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questions you may have .

Talking to the seller face-to-face will give you a better sense of how accurately priced the watch is . You learn a lot this way , and most importantly doing this can give you a better feeling of what watches you actually like “ in the metal .” visit websites like eBay and Chrono24 for well-known brands to see what people are asking for . Yet , keep in mind that there is a difference between asking price and market price . Listed prices on eBay are a reflection of what people want to sell the watch for and not necessarily what buyers are willing to pay .
You can choose the “ Sold Items ” filter to see how much a watch was purchased for . What ’ s more , you have to also consider commission fees , state taxes , and other dues .
If possible , I always recommend going to flea markets , local watch shows or auction events to have the watch in hand before buying . This approach allows you to inspect the details of the watch and speak to the dealer to ask any
BE WARY Buying online can be trickier since some websites are full of retouched images and incorrect information . However , if you have no choice but to buy online , then my advice is to only purchase from a domestic seller . Buying internationally is always riskier whether its complications with shipping and customs or sourcing from regions that are known to be flooded with counterfeit products .
I would also advise purchasing watches that are priced at the lower end of the market rather than the higher end . It is easier to come to terms with making a mistake that costs a few hundred dollars over one that costs a few thousand .
QUARTZ OR AUTOMATIC As always , it is all about the details . For instance , new or vintage quartz watches rarely hold their value as well as
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