About Magazines Conyers - October 2017 | Page 20

PUPPY TALK YOUR DOG IS SCARY TO SOME, NOT SO SCARY TO OTHERS W ith the fall weather coming soon, the temperatures outside are becoming more comfortable. This is a good excuse to take your dog to the park or a local festival. We are talking about a festival that is small enough to accommodate fans who bring their dogs, and has an atmosphere and environment that makes bringing a dog a plus. A great choice is the upcoming Olde Town Fall Festival, which has a costume contest that includes entries for pets. 20 Dressing up dogs has become a popular trend. There are many cute outfits that can make them look scary and others that are fun and whimsical. Give them a super costume this year. No one will dare get in his way - and many people might want to love on him all the more! Whether you choose to dress your dog in costume or not when you take him to a place with lots of people, remember that not everyone wants to be around dogs. Some are afraid and will give off a fearful reaction that your dog will pick up on. This might cause him to act differently, even if he typically has an even temperament. Watch how your dog acts around other people and also watch how other people act around him. Just like people can be scared of him, he could get scared from being in a crowded area. This could cause him anxiety and as a result, he could do things like jump, bark, growl, urinate, and more. No one wants a dog that is anxious and scared so think about whether it is best to bring him with you beforehand. Don’t force interaction, even if your dog is usually friendly and dressed to be the cutest in the contest. Follow the rules by keeping him on a leash and under control. Have fun!