ABCreativity_Erasmus+ - Page 25


hat is creativity?

"Creativity is a challenge between yourself and your mind, to produce something new - a new idea that has real value"

Stellos, Greece

"Youth and local NGOs influence each other. NGOs need to be creative and have creative approaches in order to attract and involve them in their local activities"


hy is creativity important for youth and local NGOs?

Noemi, Poland

hat is the sum up of the ABCreativity week?


"We are different people, from different countries.

We learnt a lot about creativity and methods of creative

thinking. I just found out that creativity is a skills, which you can develop.

We made a lot of friends and connections with other organisations."

Raquel, Portugal


hy is Erasmus+ an important programme for youth and youth workers?

"Erasmus+ is amazing. It's one of the best ideas the EC came up with because it breaks up borders between

We learnt a lot about creativity and methods of creative

people and countries. It gathers people from different backgrounds to cooperate in projects."

"Erasmus+ changed my life. I recommend everyone to take part in projects. It gives you experience and the space to learn."

Stefan, Romania