ABCreativity_Erasmus+ - Page 24


Creativity is what allows us to solve problems, create new things never seen before and improve upon existing ones. The products of creative processes range widely.

People can either use their creativity to solve problems, think of bridges, rocket ships, cars, and other products of human innovation.

But they can also be expressions of pure creativity, where people are motivated by their creativeness to create works of art without necessarily being motivated by the existence of a problem. Think of paintings, novels, music and other works of art.

Both feats of technological engineering and art come from the ability humans have to create.

And both of them feed onto each other.

Innovation is a result of creativity, where a preexisting object concept or situation is changed/adapted to better fit the current state of society/market.

Every time we strive to solve a problem we leverage creative processes.

During this week we discovered that we all are creative people.

And using the proper tools and methodologies we can develop it even further and make the world an awesome place.