ABClatino Magazine Year 5 Issue 7 - Page 5

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Por / By Enrique Rob Lunski PhD - President GET . e360 . ABClatino

The latest report recently published

by the United Nations Development Program

stated that “inequality in Latin America and the Caribbean is persistently high”

This once again highlighted one of the most notable characteristics of a region that is home to about 650 million people. And is that except for sub-Saharan Africa, there is no other place in the world where both wealth, income and opportunities are so

poorly distributed. The pandemic only

aggravated this situation.

Closing the economic, political, social, and educational gap in Latin America is no longer a matter of moral importance, but of survival and security. Otherwise, the few will end up living "imprisoned" in small enclaves of their creation and surrounded by police and military apparatus that defend them from the just claim of those who no longer have anything to lose. And we already

know that whoever has nothing to lose is

eady for anything.


Cómic / Comic: El dinero compra libertad / Money buys freedom.

Fuente / Source: Andrew Singer.

A wake-up call