ABClatino Magazine Year 5 Issue 7 | Page 19

As an attorney who has a practice that helps immigrants in both immigration defense law and criminal defense law, I know there is a need for immigrants to become better informed on how to avoid being deported due to a criminal arrest. My experience in helping immigrants who have criminal problems, such as driving while intoxicated, spousal abuse, and assault, has shown me that many of them are at risk at being deported because of the mistakes made by them and their criminal defense lawyers.


Today I will review the necessary steps that an immigrant must take in order to avoid being deported due to their being arrested. I will also review what the immigrant must do to make sure that they are receiving proper representation from their legal representative. Remember if you are not a U.S. citizen, then you are an immigrant who can be deported, and that includes lawful permanent residents (green card holders).


Criminal Arrests and Immigrants

Por / By Robert Fuchs, Esq.