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Why women are being killed without distinction of age, social class or ethnicity?. The Argentine feminist and anthropologist Rita Laura Segato has dedicated herself to investigating the root causes of femicides in Latin America and to correcting the official discourse that more than clarify, misleads us, according to her.

For Segato, femicides are part of a new dynamic of neoliberal capitalism that was forcefully implanted in the region from the 1960s in Chile, and from there it spread to the rest of the region. Along with neoliberalism came the dismantling of the national state, which meant poverty for very broad sectors of our populations and the unprecedented enrichment of the financial and business sectors and of the political groups that put themselves at the service of business and finance.

Women and Human Rights in Latin America and the Caribbean Speaker:

Rita Laura Segato, Florida International University, March 19, 2015

Por/By María del Rosario Lara

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