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Enrique Rob Lunski Ph.D., President

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February in the western world is associated with love. And the basic question is not long in coming: What is Love? Perhaps we can define it, hold it, circumscribe it to a definition. Of course not, because there are multiple versions of this universal feeling. The word love encompasses a host of different feelings, from the passionate and intimate desire of romantic love to the asexual emotional proximity of family love and platonic love; And then there is the depth of spiritual love. According to Wikipedia, "In this last area, it transcends feeling and comes to be considered the manifestation of a state of the soul or mind, identified in some religions with God himself or with the force that holds the universe together."

It is this last consideration that involves us today, love as a state of the soul, of the spirit that keeps us united to the universe. It is a vibration of being that unites us to others, to Life itself: more gratifying than any passing psychedelic state.

And perhaps this is the destiny of our birth, life and death throughout the universe. Recognize ourselves from and in love. In the end, the last truths are much simpler than what our ego-entangled minds make us think. Love is

all we need.

Bibiana Huang Matheis

Heart @ Mississippi

from the portfolio of Heart

@ Baby Please Don't Go

Febrero / February 2021