ABClatino Magazine Year 4 Issue 4 - Page 15

Myths & Legends

Jungle Mother

M i t o s & L e y e n d a s

Legend has it that on the banks of the Paraná, there lived a cute little girl with fine features, very long hair, named Anahí. Throughout the day, while cleaning, he delighted all the people of his Guaraní tribe.

The invaders arrived, those brave, daring and brave white-skinned beings, who devastated the tribes and took away their lands, their idols and their freedom.

Anahí was taken captive. He spent many days crying and many nights in vigil, until one afternoon he managed to escape. As she ran, her hair caught on a tree. What happened helped the invaders to catch her. As punishment for escaping, they tied her to a tree and lit a bonfire. Without murmuring a word, she suffered in silence. When the fire started to rise, her hair became a hair vine, an amazing miracle.

At dawn, the soldiers found themselves before the spectacle of a beautiful vine of white and beautiful flowers, which was displayed in all its splendor, as the symbol of courage and strength in the face of suffering.

Myths & Legends