ABClatino Magazine Year 3 Issue 2 - Page 9

L e t´s T a l k H e a l t h

Symptoms: Cervical Cancer is a very slow growing cancer, usually not affecting women until they are into their 40´s. We do not test young women for HPV because their developing immune systems often clear the infection by the time they reach 30. Unfortunately, there are no reliable warning signs for this cancer until it is advanced.

Prevention: We begin screening for cervical cancer at age 21. We do a Pap test every 3 years until age 30, then, as long has the woman has tested negative, every 5 years we do a Pap and HPV test.

Cervical Cancer

Since the use of Pap test and later HPV test, the incidence has decreased dramatically in the US, from 37 cases/1000,000 to 7.5 In the 90´s we discovered that Cervical Cancer is due to HPV, a sexual transmitted infection.

Treatment: When a test for HPV is positive it is often followed by a colposcopy, a test of the cervix with high magnification by which a sample is obtained and analyzed. Depending on the results, the cervix can either be frozen or the tissue is removed surgically. Neither procedures affect fertility


Louise Lindenmeyer, FNP

HRHCare Amenia Center