ABClatino Magazine Year 3 Issue 2 - Page 7

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The Perito Moreno Glacier (Area: 250 km²) is a glacier located in the Los Glaciares National Park in the Andes region of Santa Cruz Province, Argentina. Perito Moreno is one of the only glaciers in the world that is growing instead of shrinking.

According to National Geographic, “every two to four years, the large arch of blue and white ice thunderously collapses into the glacial Lake Argentino below. Around mid-March, tourists flock to see the spectacle in the national park, which is in southwest Argentina on the border with Chile, in the Patagonia region.”

Argentina, a country that extends from the tropical rain forest in the north to Ushuaia -the southernmost city in the world- and Antarctica in the south has 27 National Parks. Several of them comprise what is known as the region of the Glaciers along the Andes Mountains.

A Land of Glaciers

by E. R. L.