ABClatino Magazine Year 3 Issue 2 - Page 21

Saving 101:

Start 2019 By Saving

By Jasmin Vazquez

New year, new you right? Here is something we can all do more of every year: save money. Jeff Rose, a Certified Financial Planner, would rather “hit himself in the face instead of cutting coupons”. I agree. The things we seem to have to do to save money are unattractive. For that reason, he put together five money hacks that can help you make millions in the long term. His first recommendation is to make sure you are properly protected. If you are paying too much for any insurance, whether life, car or home, it is taking away from your ability to save. Why would anyone pay choose to pay more if they had an option to do better? ..

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As a financial coach in training, Jasmin focuses on educating the middle class on how to earn and save more money. She can be contacted via email at