ABClatino Magazine Year 3 Issue 12 - Page 15

Myths & Legends

Myths & Legends

New Year's Rites

Superstitions and beliefs

We all have some belief or some "aguero" to receive the New Year. Here we tell you some of the most common in Latin America ..

12 grapes at the stroke of midnight, Several countries in Latin America as well as Spain, eat one grape for each stroke of the clock while thinking of a resolution.

Jumping over seven waves

Brazilians are serious about their beach culture, so no New Year’s is complete without this fun ritual.

Up in smoke

In Panama and Ecuador, they really want to ward off any negative energy that might follow them into the upcoming year, so they make dolls of a person who brings bad energy or has had a negative impact on their lives. So, don’t be surprised to see “politicians” being burned on the streets.

A New Year’s cleansing

In countries like Puerto Rico and Cuba, beware while walking on the sidewalk at midnight because people throw buckets of water out their windows and doors: that way, all problems are washed away.

Yellow underwear

in Colombia it is tradition to use yellow underwear on December 31 at midnight to attract good luck in the new year.