ABClatino Magazine Year 2, Issue 8 | Page 17

Immigration and


Immigration has been part of the national fabric of the United States, even before its founding in 1776, there have been attitudes of support and denunciation of the benefits or disadvantages of immigration, and how it should be carried out.

The reasons why people migrate to the United States are multiple, and so are the objections of those who wish to curb or at least diminish the flow of immigration to this country considered by many as an "Exceptional Nation". With an estimated 11 million people as undocumented immigrants in the US and a lack of a comprehensive immigration policy in the country, it would seem that we are stuck in a swamp.

Donna Carol Voss is an author of books on this and other topics, she is also a frequent guest of a very popular radio program that covers topics of national interest. Donna defends the hard line of immigration. Let's see why she thinks the US is exceptional and the conditions that should govern migration issues.

by Juan Carlos "Pocho" Salcedo,