ABClatino Magazine Year 2, Issue 8 | Page 21

We arrived at the annual Conference of the Association of Hispanic Journalists 2018 in Miami ... After traveling the East Coast from New York. We, Enrique, Maffy and Elisa were there.

During 4 whole days, in the month of July, more than 1200 Hispanic journalists from all over the country met to learn, share experiences, and enrich the connection between Latinos in the United States.

ABClatino had the opportunity to present, in the conference offered by the Latino Public Radio Consortium, the benefits of our digital, multimedia and bilingual platform that, by the comments of many in the conference, offers a dynamic, innovative communication system that makes use of all the communication channels available today.

It was a unique experience that not only brought the events of the Hudson Valley to national heights, but it will also bring, through ABClatino, new communication ideas to be applied throughout the year for the benefit of our regional Latino community.