ABClatino Magazine Year 2, Issue 7 - Page 17


by Juan Carlos "Pocho" Salcedo,


Violence in Mexico

Myth or Reality?

Mexico, a country rich in culture, has been and is a protagonist in Latin American over the years.

Although much of that vast country is at peace, 5 of the 10 most violent cities in Latin America are in Mexico. Some have referred to this republic as the deadliest after Syria. How much of it is myth or reality?

Even so, the Mexican people have demonstrated an incredible resilience capacity adapting positively to very adverse situations, this has allowed them to thrive despite the giant challenges.

In addition, the lax laws and gun trafficking in its northern neighbor, the United States, have made it easy for an almost inexhaustible illegal supply of firearms to Mexico and other countries in Central America.

The situation in Mexico is highly complex, and the roots of today's challenges are not a decade ago old, but rather they have a historical foundation of generations. To understand the variables that have generated the present situation of violence, the impact on the social fabric of the country, and the possible ways of solution or exit, we have invited a Mexican columnist who is a shrewd and keen observer of social, cultural currents and economics of that country.