ABClatino Magazine Year 2, Issue 7 - Page 15


An art bridge between Buenos Aires and Paris

Photo by

Jean-François Lohou

The Corner of the Arts | July 2018

Elisa Pritzker presents María Ibáñez Lago

María Ibáñez Lago was born in Buenos Aires in 1960. She got trained in scenography and painting at L'École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, the city where she currently lives and works.

She is interested in the art creation within artist communities, through different media and supports. She is the co-founder of the collective «Traveling with Only the Clothes On», in which artists from different cities exchange clothing elements modifying them for each trip, and the project «Live Archive», which developed the production of work through meetings in a natural space reserve of the biosphere. Together with Constanza Piaggio, she has carried out the Space in Progress project, which produces exhibitions of Latin American and European artists. She is part of the PintorAs Collective, with which she exhibits in Madrid, in Paris, and many museums and cultural centers in Argentina. Shealo exhibits in solo shows in cultural centers and galleries in France and Argentina.

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