ABClatino Magazine Year 2, Issue 7 - Page 11

Mental Health

By Dora Inés Grosso García,

Holistic Psychologist

Inner Voice

This reflection leads us to stop along the path of all the noise that everyday life causes us, the challenges of the workplace, relationships, the noise of the mind that is continually talking to us, the voice of concerns, we are in a moment where silence frightens us. Have you noticed that even at night we are putting music, or videos to sleep?

What is the inner voice?

The inner voice is your true Self, it is the force of your nature, your spirit and your essence, The inner voice is to find the truth within ourselves, it is the voice of love, which allows us to close our eyes quietly, knowing that nothing can happen to us, nor affect, because if we are in love consciousness, even in the face of the most dramatic situation, it protects us, gives us the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual mechanisms to balance and free ourselves.

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