ABClatino Magazine Year 2, Issue 5 - Page 19

Fitness Life

This year Trekfit will launch a national campaign bringing awareness to childhood obesity targeting children from the ages of 8-12 years old. This campaign will be lead by head trainer Curtis Walker. His team will travel across the United States on bicycles riding from Oak Grove Elementary in Poughkeepsie, NY heading to Magnolia Elementary in San Diego, CA. During this trip the Trekfit team will stop at various schools and community centers in these cities Cleveland,OH, Detroit,MI, Chicago,IL, Kansas,MI, Albuquerque,NM, and Phoenix,AZ community showing kids how to be eat and stay active. The mission is to encourage children to practice healthy habits now, so they that do not become sick adults.

Start Date(Riding from Poughkeepsie, NY): 5/2/18

End Date(Arriving in San Diego, CA): 6/16/18

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"young habits die old"

bike ride

By Curtis Walker

Co Founder of Trekfit