ABClatino Magazine Year 2, Issue 5 - Page 15


BELIEVER" by Maria Fernanda Hubeaut. Documented by Jodie Lyn-kee-Chow

The Corner of the Arts | May 2018

Elisa Pritzker presents

Maria Fernanda Hubeaut

The art of Maria Fernanda Hubeaut and her sacred instinct of the Human

Maria Fernanda Hubeaut is a performance artist, photographer, curator and educator whose works have been shown nationally and internationally: New York, Boston, France, Czech Republic and Argentina. Her practice is based on visual arts, documentary and journalistic photography, and performance art. In addition to her individual practice, she has participated in collaborative projects. In her work and teachings, she is connected and has a deep humanist commitment as someone who studied and practices Eastern philosophies, using her training in Yoga, Buddhism, Meditation and Sufi and Butoh dances...

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