ABClatino Magazine Year 2 Issue 12 | Page 5

Diciembre/December 2018

Enrique Rob Lunski Ph.D., President

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More Latinos in the US Congress

These are some of the prominent data (from the Pew Research Center) from the last midterm elections in the US. Voting is important and counts; and the numbers prove it!

- A record 29 million Latinos were eligible to vote, accounting for 12.8% of all eligible voters

- Latinos made up an estimated 11% of all voters

- About a quarter of Hispanics voters cast a ballot for the first time in 2018

- In US congressional races nationwide, an estimated 69% of Latinos voted for Democratic candidates

- In Florida, a record 2.2 million Hispanics registered to vote this year, an 8.4 increase over 2016

- Hispanics had a gender gap in voting preferences, with 73% of Hispanic women and 63% of Hispanic men backing the Democratic congressional candidates