ABClatino Magazine Year 2 issue 10 | Page 17


In fact, we are quite surrendering; Most of us, who immigrate from South America and Central America to the United States are employed to clean, work in construction or hotels. Now, since we are physically strong, we can surely be in a position in the government or as leaders of a minority, only that we will no longer be "hard workers" because the strength of the intellect questions and not everything answers "yes."

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In these times, society tells us to study, get a degree, be more literate than our ancestors, you will have better job opportunities and there are minorities in important positions.

Therefore, by the simple fact of coming from marginalized peoples we have implanted that our strength is in the body but not in our brain. We forget that before Christopher Columbus arrived in America there were astronomers, architects, people who knew how to govern themselves.

Then, why do we allow ourselves to be governed in exchange for a handful of dollars? Do we question when they say, "you are a hard worker" or "nice job"?

by Liliana Cabrera