ABClatino Magazine Year 1, Issue 6 - June 2017 | Page 11


As you know (or may not know) the body consists of different systems (the nervous system, the cardiovascular system, digestive, etc.)in which organs perform different functions. However, there are three that are connected and need to be understood in order to start linking healthy food with feeling good: the nervous system (brain and its components), cardiovascular system (heart and its blood vessels), and endocrine (hormones) are associated with many chronic diseases. So, how do we maintain a healthy brain, heart, and normal levels of our hormones through nutrition? (...)

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By:Wanda Jeanty, MD, MS, HC

What does a healthier version of you mean?Does it mean more energy, increased productivity, more relaxed, or healthier food choices? No matter what your answer is, it will be connected to nutrition. With so much information, the decision to live a healthier life can certainly be daunting but it is not. Whether you decide or not, it is a matter of life and death.

So where do we begin?