ABClatino Magazine Year 1 Issue 11 | Page 17

"Diary of Guantánamo"

By, Pocho Salcedo Internacionalist

The war against terrorism, which began in 2001 and which has the United States as its main protagonist, has protected the country, at a cost commensurate with the restrictions of privacy, and civil liberties, war and the re-creation of an industry of security. Among so many stories, there is one that by the dimension of suffering and injustice captivates the attention at world level.

Mouhamedoud Ould Slahi, detained in Guantanamo, was only one of three prisoners subjected to an "enhanced interrogation" protocol passed in August 2003 directly by then-Defense Minister Donald Rumsfeld. Slahi, considered to be the prisoner who underwent the most extreme interrogation techniques at Guantanamo...

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