ABClatino Magazine Year 1, Issue 10 - Page 5

Enrique Rob Lunski Ph.D , President

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The Grand Opening of ABClatino Media Network’s new two-story space means a new beginning for the Hispanic community in New York State. Under the motto Mi Casa es Tu Casa, the new location was inaugurated as a showcase of Latin Colors, Sound and Movement; to promote ground-up cultural and economic development.

From a co-working space for entrepreneurs and professionals, to a community room showcasing art, film, dance and music; to the multimedia production of audio and video content and the first bilingual, digital magazine, ABClatino follows Gateway to Entrepreneurial Tomorrows’ core mission to help minorities. And it does so, facilitating the creation and exchange of resources and information, while bringing a better understanding of the fastest growing segment of the population.

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Latin Colors, Sound and Movement History in the Making

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