ABClatino Magazine Issue 8 | Page 9

Nomadic World Special

By: Enrique Rob Lunski

We set out to tour the US with several purposes in mind. On the one hand, we want to test our Van Nómada, to see if it lives up to even longer trips. We also intend to test our physical condition to live in the Nómada for extended periods of time.

Nómada is synonymous with adventures on untracked roads off the beaten path, that we want to bring to you, so you can enjoy them with us. Of course, we are also going to look for interesting stories about the Latin community in this country that you will read and see from here on.

The first stretch from New York to Seattle was an endurance test of uninterrupted driving. Watch the video to find out what happened and follow us on

You can also contact me at [email protected] to tell me your own stories and adventures. And maybe, we end up publishing them.