ABClatino Magazine Issue 5 - Page 17

Opening Doors

With the current issue we welcome Abriendo Puertas as a monthly feature of ABClatino Magazine.

Opening Doors has grown rapidly since its inception, from first delivering services to eight teenagers and their families to twenty-five at present. In January of 2013, a group of Latina women became inspired to establish a non-profit organization to advocate for a strong Latino Community with the initiative of educating in a setting, where Latinos commit to be the entrepreneurs of their own lives.

The Latino Youth Program includes multiple components designed to create a positive reinforcing environment through:

Cultural Identity and Self Esteem

Positive Relationships

Personal and Educational Goal Setting

Self Control and Conflict Resolution

Decision Making and Problem-Solving

Leadership Development

Community Involvement

The goal of Abriendo Puertas for the 2017-2018 is to continue to offer a free youth outreach program to children ages 13-17. The program strives to inspire youth by establishing a true commitment to character, positive attitude, and a sense of purpose through 5 primary ideals: Education, Personal Well-being, Recreation, Creativity, and Meaningful Relationships.

Read about the history of Abriendo Puertas here

Opening Doors