Why to Consider Donating PLASMA Today
Microfiber 4 TIPS for Buying Sheets : New To BUY Products or Not Online To BUY SAFELY
Planning a Spring Break VACATION ?

Why to Consider Donating PLASMA Today

Plasma donations are critical in helping save lives because they are used to make life-sustaining medicine .
Throughout the past year , you may have heard about plasma and its potential use in treating COVID-19 . However , for more than 80 years , plasma has been a lifeline for people who live with rare and chronic conditions .
Here are some key reasons to donate plasma today .
Plasma is used to make life-saving medicine – Plasma carries out a variety of functions in the body , including fighting disease . Plasma donations are processed into life-saving medicine for people with chronic illnesses like immunodeficiency disorders .
Plasma cannot be manufactured in a lab or other artificial environments – Even with the scientific advances in health care , these medicines can only be made from plasma donated from healthy adults .
The donation process is safe and fast – Donating plasma is a low-risk procedure with minimal or no side effects . Healthy individuals may donate as often as twice a week , with one day between donations .
Many individuals are eligible to donate plasma – An individual must be 18 years of age or older , weigh at least 110 pounds and pass all required donor eligibility criteria to protect the donor ’ s health and safety of the plasma .
There is an urgent need for plasma – With plasma donations lower than usual due to the pandemic , not only has global demand increased over the past 20 years but continues to grow due to more rare diseases being identified and more patients being diagnosed .
Microfiber 4 TIPS for Buying Sheets : New To BUY Products or Not Online To BUY SAFELY
There are many safeguards in place at many online marketplaces to protect the consumer . Being aware of potential red flags can help you avoid fraud . You can protect yourself and buy more safely online by following these tips .
1 . Purchase from the retailer directly , even for gift cards . If you need to check the balance , always go to the website of the brand that is issuing the card . Never enter the full gift card number and PIN onto any other website . You may be giving the value of the card to a fraudster .
2 . Check out the seller . Ratings , reviews and comments from other buyers can help tell you if they are legit . Contact the seller directly to ask questions about the item , return and refund policies . Make sure you are
satisfied with their responses before buying .
3 . Research the item . Does their pricing seem too good to be true ? Do a search for typical pricing . Check the photo carefully to see if it appears to be real or stock photo . Photos should show more than one angle , or both outside and inside the package . Ask the seller for additional photos if you ’ re not satisfied .
4 . If you have a problem , contact the seller , the marketplace and your credit card company . Make sure to keep digital copies of all emails and text messages between you and the seller regarding the purchase . Your credit card company may be able to withhold payment if there is a problem .
Armed with these tips and a little caution , you can enjoy your online shopping safely .
Shopping online provides endless opportunities to find great products . Savvy buyers should know that if something appears to be too good to be true , it ’ s because it probably is !
Warm sand between your toes , a cool drink in your hand , the sun setting over the beautiful ocean ... these are the dreams of an ideal spring break .
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Planning a Spring Break VACATION ?
Choose an all-inclusive getaway . With an all-inclusive resort planning is minimal so you can focus on enjoying what matters most - your vacation . Before you book your all-inclusive spring break , make sure your resort has the following items :
1 . Look for a variety of cuisine , and then some . A vacation means a break from cooking and meal planning , so make sure your resort offers multiple onsite restaurants to remove the hassle of deciding where to eat with your group , while offering various cuisines .
2 . Find all the fun in the sun . Second to plentiful food and drink at hand , the best thing about an all-inclusive resort is all the activities included in your stay . Be sure to find a resort that offers everything you want .
3 . Privacy by the sea . If your spring break vacation is a romantic getaway , you ’ ll want seclusion and serenity . Or , choose an all-inclusive resort with a kids ’ club , which offers supervised and fun programs for children while giving mom and dad some space to hit the couples spa or enjoy a quiet meal .
4 . Education destination via culture . The best all-inclusive resorts integrate local culture into food , beverages , activities and hotel design . Great all-inclusive resorts integrate the local culture with engaging programs , classes and experiences that will enhance your vacation .
5 . Above and beyond hospitality . A final box every traveler should check is a place that spoils you yet feels like home . Seek world-class spas , personalized concierge , friendly team members , and high-end offerings .
Once you have selected your resort , book , pay and go . All you need to do is have fun .
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