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“ Black Mold Forces Family to Move ”… “ The Hidden Dangers of Toxic Mold ”… “ Is Your House Making You Sick ?” Headlines like these are used to shine a spotlight on the health risks associated with mold . Naturally , the more extreme stories get the most interest . But is mold really as bad as they say ? Where does it come from ? How can you prevent it ?
In 2004 , the Institute of Medicine found sufficient evidence to link indoor exposure to mold with upper respiratory tract symptoms including coughing , sneezing and wheezing in otherwise healthy individuals . People with asthma and allergies often see a marked increase in the incidence and severity of their symptoms . Those with compromised or underdeveloped immune systems can suffer from serious infections caused by mold .
Mold needs 3 things to grow : The right environment , a food source , and moisture . High humidity is one contributing factor . A relative humidity ( RH ) range is between 30 % and 50 % is required for human health and comfort . Once the RH rises above 60 %, mold growth is encouraged . If RH remains high for extended periods
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