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The POWER of a Campfire

Unplugging can help improve sleep , mood and creativity .
For early humans , fire provided warmth , protection and an opportunity to socialize . Campfires brought people together and created opportunities for cultural development .
Fast-forward to the present day , and people have lost that sense of community and social behavior . According to Fortune , the amount of people describing themselves as lonely has doubled over the past several decades .
Many factors such as technology and more demanding work hours all contribute to more isolation between people despite living in a world that is more technologically connected than ever .
According to the Huffington Post , unplugging from gadgets and going camping can help improve sleep , mood , and inspire creativity . It can create connections . It sounds like the early human ancestors had it right .

Plan for YOUR Future

It is more important to securely fund retirement accounts than to save heavily for a child ’ s college education , according to USA Today . Deciding whether to save for retirement versus education is often filled with complex emotions . But , in fact , it is wise to prioritize retirement first .
While children can take out student loans to pay for college , it is unlikely that parents can finance their way through retirement . College students have many options to pay for their education and having a fully funded savings account might tempt the family to place less importance on free grants and scholarships that will often require more work up front , but don ’ t have to be paid back .
According to Dave Ramsey , saving for education is a luxury , but saving for retirement is an important necessity .
Save for your retirement before any future education .

FEMALE Trailblazers

Agnes Smith
A fantastic book for Women ’ s History Month , The Sisters of the Sinai reads like a gripping adventure story .
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Twin sisters Agnes and Margaret Smith , born in 1843 , broke societal barriers and were responsible for one of the most important ancient discoveries . Raised with an unconventional upbringing , the sisters mastered several languages , traveled extensively , married late in life , and caused scandal exercising in their yard in their bloomers .
But the sisters electrified the world with their 1892 camel caravan to Africa where they visited the ancient mountaintop monastery of St . Catherine ’ s and there identified and photographed one of the oldest Gospels ever found .
The sisters had no degrees and no titles , but their extraordinary adventures rocked British society . They learned of a dark closet at St . Catherine ’ s filled with ancient texts , and it was there that Agnes Smith identified and photographed the manuscript .
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