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On the surface , carpet cleaning seems pretty simple . Rent a machine . Fill the tank . Pour in some detergent . Flip a switch and start cleaning . Before long , your carpet is clean and fresh . However , as anyone who has actually cleaned carpet knows , there ’ s more to it than that . Here are some interesting facts about carpet that affect cleaning results .
Some of the most common questions asked about carpet cleaning are , “ Will the spots come back ?”, “ Will the dents from the furniture come out ?”, “ Will the traffic areas look better after it ’ s done ?”, and “ Will these stains come out ?”
The answers depend on several factors that we consider when we clean your carpet .
Carpet can be made with a variety of fibers , each having its own cleaning characteristics . Every fiber responds to traffic differently . Spills that are easy to remove from one fiber may permanently stain another .
Various styles such as loop pile , friezé , shag , Saxony and velvet plush all respond to traffic
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Ken has been with ABC Cleaning & Restoration for 5 years . He takes great pride in offering his clients the very best in the cleaning of carpets , tile and upholstery . Ken is an IICRC Master Textile Cleaner , the highest designation achievable for cleaning . Ken is originally from Philadelphia PA , but has made Anytown his home since 2012 . He and his wife , Mandy have twin 3-year old boys .