Get Microfiber Rid Those Sheets RECURRING : To BUY or Charges Not To BUY and SAVE
Top 2022 Food Trends Everyone ’ s BUZZING About
As people continue to put renewed focus on wellness , they are seeking out foods and beverages that are wholesome , directly influencing the top food trends for 2022 .
Spice is nice – People ’ s love of spice is soaring , and they are searching for new recipes bring on the heat from India , Jamaica , and Thailand and making them at home . Adding spice for flavor is a healthier alternative to salt and butter , plus hot foods may also stimulate your metabolism .
Powdered nut butters – Nut butter lovers rejoice - you can enjoy your favorite flavors without the fat and unnecessary ingredients . PB2 Foods , the creator of powdered peanut butter , now offers a variety of plant-based products that are gluten-free , kosher , vegan , Pre + Probiotic , and non-GMO project verified . From flavoring a smoothie to baking and cooking , powdered nut butters have many healthy uses in your kitchen .
Super premium beer – When it ’ s time to enjoy a cold one , more people are thinking about what ’ s in their glass . Island Brands USA is an example of a company that ’ s churning out better brews , using only all-natural ingredients , no GMOs , and zero fillers or artificial flavors to create their beers . Their Island Active brand has just 88 calories and 4.2 % alcohol by volume . Cheers to the good life !
Reducitarian diets – Many people want to eat less meat and animal products but don ’ t want to go fully vegetarian or vegan . This is called reducitarians . When reducitarians do purchase or consume meat or animal products , they opt for organic dairy and grass-fed meats . Try new recipes that feature mushrooms , beans , or eggplant instead of meat .
Get Microfiber Rid Those Sheets RECURRING : To BUY or Charges Not To BUY and SAVE
That $ 3.99 charge pops up every month and we say : “ As soon as I get a chance , I ’ m going to cancel that .”
But life keeps you busy and pretty soon it is next month and that gym membership starts to be annoying . As if paying for it will make you use it .
Fact is , people spend more money than they realize for subscriptions . Think about the categories : Online news , Netflix , music streaming , premium television services , delivery , dating apps , advice services -- the list goes on and on .
A recent survey was done of 2,500 consumers . People were given 10 seconds to guess how much they spend on subscriptions every month . The average guess was $ 79.74 per month . Then they were asked to go through a category checklist and find out exactly how much they spent for subscriptions . The true cost was an average of $ 237.33 or about $ 1,900 per year .
A good tip is to set aside an hour to do an audit . Go through your checking account and total monthly subscriptions plus annual ones , like Amazon Prime .
Consider : phone , wi-fi , tv-movie services , streaming services , subscription boxes , cloud storage , news apps , diet and fitness , security apps , web hosting , and gaming .
After you make your list , consider which services give you actual value .
Are the subscriptions adding clutter to your home ? Can you find a cheaper service ? How much do you use it ? How much will you miss it ?
Do you have something else you really want to use the subscription money for ( retirement , a college fun , emergency fund , vacation )?
Probiotic Products Can Help Clean Your HOME
Whether you ’ re tackling the bathroom , the kitchen or the playroom , think before you spray . Probiotics help keep surfaces clean long after you ’ ve cleaned .
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When you think of probiotics , gut health likely first comes to mind . Whether it ’ s fermented foods like yogurt , kombucha and sauerkraut , or vitamin supplements and skin care , probiotics are widely accepted as microscopic powerhouses . What may surprise you is that probiotics are beneficial in your home as well , thanks to their long-lasting cleaning power .
Probiotics are naturally occurring friendly bacteria present all around us and inside us . The good bacteria in probiotics have inherent cleaning properties that can be used to efficiently clean interior spaces .
Digestible and supplement probiotics are good for the gut , eliminating and balancing out unhealthy bacteria . But probiotics can also be used in products to help clean your house and are becoming popular because of their long-lasting cleaning benefits and as a greener way to clean your home .
One effective , long-lasting daily probiotic cleaner is CLR ® Active Clear , a USDA Certified Biobased Product . This multi-purpose cleaner is safe to use on 30 + surfaces , including ceramic , granite , stainless steel and more .
Probiotic cleaners can tackle dirt and grime to help clean a home more efficiently and safely . When you use a biobased cleaner you are not putting toxic chemicals into your home or into Mother Nature , unlike more traditional bacteria-tackling household cleaners that use harsh ingredients and are sometimes considered pesticides .
And to top it off , probiotics don ’ t stop cleaning when you do . CLR Active Clear ’ s 3-in-1 action cleans dirt and grime , fights odors and continues working for up to three days after applied .
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