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Life is SWEET

Chocolate has more beneficial flavonoids than red wine .
Chocolate is good for you , but not a lot of it at once . It ’ s hard to believe that what was once considered to be a guilty indulgence has now proved to be good for your heart , your lungs , and your brain .
There ’ s even more good news . The flavonoids liberally found in dark chocolate appear to produce the greatest health benefits , but researchers now say milk chocolate is also a rich source . It contains about 75 milligrams per 100 grams , or more than found in red wine .
If you love chocolate , remember that it also contains calories . So choose chocolate instead of indulgences like donuts and other treats . It ’ s still best to choose dark chocolate that ’ s higher in flavonoids , say researchers at Tufts University .
To maximize flavonoids , Jeffrey Blumberg , PhD , of Tufts , recommends dark , bittersweet or baking chocolate . Milk chocolate is processed to make it smoother and less bitter , which also decreases natural flavonoid levels , adds fat and increases sugar .

LOVE and Money

Connecting with your spouse on a financial level is critical . Planning ahead can build a strong financial foundation for your relationship . Here are some steps to help create a plan :
Step 1 : Define success . Talk to your partner to determine exactly what you both want for your financial future . Once you know your goals , it ’ s easier to budget and prioritize based on your shared vision .
Step 2 : Align your priorities . If one person is concerned with living in-thenow , it might not match with a partner that thinks more long-term and desires to plan for the future . You likely share some ideals like saving for education or retirement . Find those values you both share and work together .
Step 3 : Agree on how to accomplish your goals . Be flexible and be committed . You might try a separate bank account to accommodate your savings .
Step 4 : Make it fun . Plan some milestones into your financial relationship and when you reach them , have a celebration . Remember to enjoy the process . Success is a journey .
39 % of Americans believe financial success means being debt-free .

Ready , Set GO !

Don ’ t let language be a barrier to amazing travel experiences .
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Americans sometimes get a bad rap as travelers because of their inability to speak other languages . But there are many exciting places to visit that are incredibly accessible to those of us who only speak English .
According to Forbes magazine , Europe offers many options . Amsterdam is one of their first recommendations . It ’ s easy to fly into and small enough to traverse quickly with plenty of beautiful sights along the way . About 90 % of Amsterdam ’ s population can carry on a conversation in English .
If flight time is not an issue , New Zealand also ranks highly . According to Travel and Leisure this unique country offers breathtaking views , untouched wilderness , and a rich history to explore .
Although the accents and local dialect might seem strange , everyone there speaks English and the community is welcoming of foreigners interested in their country . When making plans to visit the island , don ’ t forget that the seasons are the opposite from North America - winter starts in June !
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