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Pet Urine PROBLEMS ?

Our pets don ’ t understand why we make such a big deal of a little urine on the carpet . To animals , urine is an important social tool that is used as a calling card , mate attractant or a territorial warning . Urine lets other members of the species know important information regarding their gender , age and health .
Animal urine is a rather benign substance . When it leaves a healthy animal it is sterile . In small amounts and low concentration , the odor and appearance may be undetectable . Still , any urine deposit on carpet should be treated appropriately .
If you are lucky enough to catch the animal in the act , you can pour salt liberally onto the urine while it is still wet . Use enough salt to completely cover the spot . The salt will absorb and neutralize the urine . Let it dry for 8-12 hours and vacuum it away .
But most of the time , the urine is already dry by the time we find it . Applying a neutral carpet cleaning agent , gentle agitation and a thorough rinse may be enough to treat light urine deposits . Finish the job
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