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What is KOMBUCHA ?

Just like yogurt and kefir , kombucha is packed with gut-healthy bacteria .
As it rises in popularity , the fermented drink has gained its cult following - as well as its haters . Seems no one stands in the middle : you love it or hate it .
Fermented food and drinks are high on the food trend list in 2019 , as people seek ways to work probiotics into their diets via their food rather than in pill form .
For the uninitiated , kombucha is a type of effervescent fermented tea ( though not an alcoholic drink ) that originated in China around
2,000 years ago . It has a base of sugar , tea , bacteria and yeast . It has a bitter taste that can take some getting used to , and comes in a wide variety of flavors from a wide variety of brands .
Proponents claim health benefits from gut health to reduced inflammation , improved cholesterol levels , blood sugar control , antibacterial properties , and even a reduced risk of cancer . Today , it can be commonly found in most grocery stores or made at home .
Use blinds to keep the sun from baking your house ’ s interior .

Go on a MONEY Date

Ever heard of a money date ? It ’ s a thing . On a money date , spouses agree to get together to talk finances in a ( allegedly ) fun and non-threatening way . The idea is to keep on top of budgets and , perhaps more importantly , to work together on goal-setting .
The idea is to keep it affordable , so that might entail staying home with a good bottle of wine or out to a quiet dinner where you can talk .
Pro Tip : tackle the heavy lifting issues prior to finishing that first glass of wine .
For singles : you can take yourself on a money date , too . This thing with money IS a relationship , even with ourselves .
Setting aside scheduled time to talk about finances forces you to focus and not get distracted by other life demands .
Put it on your calendar , and don ’ t forget to bring your laptop and some pens and paper . Yes , even to a restaurant .

Air Conditioning Efficiency TIPS

Summer time can bring some high utility bills , as we crank air conditioners . It ’ s a good idea , whether for your wallet or for the environment , to consider tips for making your air conditioner work more efficiently .
First , check the seals . Check around window units to make sure they are sealed and that extra heat isn ’ t getting into the house in the first place .
Check also that your attic is properly insulated , which does
An important part of a money date is dreaming about the future .
just as much good in the summer as it can in the winter . Insulation prevents attic heat from leaking into your home and also the cool air from escaping .
Keep your filter clean so the unit can operate better and keep vents clear . And consider ceiling fans to better circulate the air .
If you have central air , make sure the ducts are checked regularly ; not only do they accumulate allergens , but they work harder when they get clogged and dirty . info @ ABCcleaning . com facebook . com / ABCcleaning