A4L Community Newsletter - June 2016 June 2016 - Page 7

NEWSLETTER | Issue 32 7 News from the UK Community Update: DfE Data Exchange Initiative by Penny Murray, Community Director The A4L Community, in partnership with the Department for Education (DfE), hosted an event on Tuesday 14 June 2016, to provide insight to the DfE’s Data Exchange Project to the wider education marketplace. If you have not heard of the Data Exchange (DE) Project previously, the project is focused on working with Industry and Sector leaders in developing an open data standard and transport mechanism that all schools, academies and local authorities can use to move data and to send data to DfE. On 14 June, we were delighted to welcome over 75 delegates to the event, which was aimed at providing insights for Data and Technical Leads within MATs and LAs and technical staff from educational software suppliers. The morning session started with an introduction to the A4L Community – which is celebrating 10 years of interoperability in the UK – followed by an update of the DE project ‘Scene Setting and Current State of Play’ by Iain Bell (Data Modernisation Unit, DfE). These sessions were followed by a DE Architectural Overview presentation, which highlighted technical aspects and the Proof of Concept developments to date, and a presentation by Rob Potter SAVE THE DATE! (A4L UK Technical Board Co-Chair) on ‘Data Security, Privacy and Open Standards’ which highlighted the scalability of the SIF standard and how it could be utilised in the marketplace for much more than just the DE project, providing many additional benefits to schools, academies, MATs and LAs. SAVE THE DATES: Data Exchange Forum, Oct 2016 by Penny Murray, Community Director The afternoon sessions were split into two open discussion forums: (a) Academisation: How does it affect Data movement, and (b) Technical Demonstration and Creating the project ‘Technical Risk Register’. The A4L Both the A4L Community and DfE welcomed the lively discussion and feedback in each of the breakout sessions, which will be fed back into the Project Team and considered in future project developments. shortly via the A4L website. At the recommendation of participants, we have already provisionally scheduled the next Data Exchange Forum meeting, which will take place on 11 October 2016. Further event details will be made available in due course. The presentation slides from this event can be found on the A4L website here. Community is delighted to confirm that the next Data Exchange Forum meeting will be held on Tuesday 11 October 2016. Further information, including a draft agenda and venue information, will be made available delegates who attended All the last meeting in June will be emailed directly with this information when it is available. The UK Community will also hold a ‘member-only’ meeting on Wednesday 12 October 2016. Again, further details will be made available in due course from the A4L Event Pages.