A4L Community Newsletter - June 2016 June 2016 - Page 6

NEWSLETTER | Issue 32 6 News from the North American Community 2016 Target Activities Expanding on the (global) Technical Roadmap, the NA Community has its specific target activities identified for the months ahead. The main focus is split between two strands: existing and new opportunities. Existing opportunities would include projects such as ensuring Data Model objects are brought over from the 2.x to the 3.x specification; supporting community members to utilize the existing 2.x data model using the new SIF 3.x infrastructure; ensuring the infrastructure specification was updated in a timely fashion; and by targeting integrators to assist with their migration planning. New opportunities for the Community include xPress Roster adoption and ensuring a SIF Certification Program was made available at the earliest opportunity; creating a website specifically dedicated to xPress APIs and the user examples currently available in the marketplace; supporting Community members in the adoption of open APIs and supporting messages to encourage the marketplace to choose open standards. Countdown to xPress Roster Certification launch! by John Lovell, Technology Director The Access 4 Learning Community is happy to announce the imminent release of our xPress Roster Test Suite and Certification, which is officially being launched on Thursday July 7, 2016! This Program will add benefit to our members by offering the ability to test software products, with the quality results being promoted to the market by-way-of the SIF Certification Register. How is xPress Roster different?      Gain access by Authenticating with OAuth 2. Start with Direct data access (the Environment is optional). Simpler flatter Data Objects. Defined Service Paths deliver the most common queries dependably. Fewer requirements on providers. STATS DC 2016 The Access 4 Learning Community is delighted to be attending STATS DC along with several of our members again this year. Members from the NA Community will be presenting the following sessions during the event - we hope to see you there! Wednesday, July 13, 2016 9:00-10:00am Student Data Privacy Consortium: A Common Contract Framework 10:15-11:15am New Consider upping your organization’s game with membership to the A4L Community! RIC One Project: Roster Standardization 4:15-5:15pm xPress API Suite Thursday, July 14, 2016 10:15-11:15am IEP Standardization 11:30-12:30pm More Eyes on the Data - Feedback Loop Gives Data Quality For the full conference program, please refer to the NCES website.