A4L Community Newsletter - June 2016 June 2016 - Page 4

NEWSLETTER | Issue 32 4 Our Priorities for the year ahead… The vision and mission have not Strategic Tech: Priority Areas. The adopted and implemented. Building off changed much since 1997 – we still various outreach mechanisms data the “simple” S of the 4S’s, numerous collectively as a Community have work collection points indicated that highest technical tools and detailed successful to do. on adoption documents will be developed. But just like education and the list were those technical learning, we have the opportunity to activities: T hese are designed to promote the continue and expand on the great work ● Bridging the gap between SIF Community’s work as the “best fit for 2x and 3x my use case” by both end users and Raising the bar for Certification marketplace providers. of one of the world’s largest non-profit technical community dedicated to ● ● allowing schools to do what they do best – teach! Support for national projects in all three Communities ● development of Open Source Solutions and APIs Tech: priorities. The “next offerings. up” Technology maturation Data Model expansion Implementation tools ways we are addressing the challenges we face needs Community to has evolve. made The numerous Strategic Tech: Tertiary Priorities. Numerous global Community needs are identified in the next set of priorities. These technical activities include: ● efforts lately to expand from its original ● and movement of educational data to include now the usage of Increased Open Source Tools development charge in addressing the management Various Data Model and Infrastructure enhancements that information and the various policies, Strategic Tech: The Rest. effective The practices and expanded remaining technical membership to address the entire activities, if time, resources ecosystem of schools. and Steps Underway… During 2015 there was extensive outreach to Community and even non-Community members via meetings, surveys, one on one’s and commitment members large challenges allow, from includes infrastructure and Underwriting the great work being done in the North American key support documentation and though the charge has not changed, the expansion. Student Data Privacy Consortium is also are focused on: A Change in Delivery Methods. Even world use case, the solution developed Secondary priorities from the Community ● ● ● are “Solution templates” outlining a real and the suggestions for replication and Encourage the Strategic Key to these additional Open Source development. even developing proposals for funding Usage / Adoption Priorities. all done in the attempt gather the “will The world’s grandest set of of the group”. technical initiatives done by the smartest in the field all are for naught if they are not to expand the Community’s As stated earlier, there is a lot to be done. But with a committed global community and the huge need that they address each day, it can be done. The leadership of all three Communities will constantly review this roadmap, develop detours when needed and ensure the resources exist “fix the roads ahead”! Technical Roadmap report is available for review in three different formats:  Technical Roadmap Report (pdf)  Global Technical Roadmap (pps)  Technical Roadmap (mov)