A Steampunk Guide to Hunting Monsters 9 - Page 5





For The


Thursday , June the Seventeenth
We landed on American soil and the tour began to re-group . J . W . Wells is arranging new transportation and we should be taking a train across America . Hammerhorn has scheduled a visit to an American Civil War battlefield where we can look for fine ghost specimens . Before that , however , we have been most graciously invited to a dance to relax after our harrowing experiences !
Percy Longville , it seems , has begun to catch a cold after all those incidents with water . I do feel for the poor man . He has spent much of the past few weeks going out of his way to help people . There was Cyprien , whom he found that job on the ship . He helped me with that witch business . Perhaps he is , by default , just a helpful sort of person . It does explain why he always manages to bumble about and get in my way . I remember the first time he tried to manhandle me on the streets of London . I suppose he meant to help then as well ?
Friday , June the Eighteenth
Well , I was quite excited for the ball . After all this crashing and sinking across the globe , I was excited to return to a social event that required some semblance of poise and dignity .