A Steampunk Guide to Hunting Monsters 9 - Page 13

– M – White – 16 yrs – recommended his confinement , finding him insane , suffering from Stupidity .
This boy is of a quiet & retired nature . He does all that he is told to do at the prison or work house , but at home , is uncontrollable . His mother says that he entered a man ’ s house , stripped himself naked , overturned the furniture , and when asked what he was doing , answered to get out of the way , he was the boss of the place . He answers rather correctly to questions asked but foolishly . His principal answer being “ I don ’ t care ."
March 4th , 1883 . Last evening he managed to steal a dessert table knife from the mess room , and though the knife is very dull he managed to cut his throat , opening the wind pipe , and bled from the subcutaneous ( 2 in number ) arteries . The superficial jugular vein on the left was partially severed . Surgical assistance saved him .
– F – White – 27 yrs – Insanity on day of Admittance – Hallucination , to-day the same – Imagines that snakes are after her , with obscene intentions .
To-day , she is in a continual state of terror caused by “ a creature who is up stairs , and is going to stab her to death ”. Her movements are quick & nervous . Her look inquisitive & fugitive . She will speak rationally , and all at once , she will stop , turn her eyes in an opposite direction , and speak by signs to some imaginary being .
If you call her attention to you & ask her what is the meaning of this , she seems not to understand you , she will resume her rational conversation with you , then again suddenly interrupt it to again speak by signs with her imaginary object or person . Her general health is good . Her nights often sleepless . She will cry . In her rational conversations she is gay , jovial & pleasant , & yet says that “ something is tormenting me & preying on my mind ”.
– M – W – ?? yrs – Insanity on day of Admittance – Delirium of Grandeur .
His very witty . Imagines himself as a very accomplished surgeon . Says he owns a reputable medical practice , and has the means of saving hundreds of lives a day . If medical conditions are mentioned to him , his face radiates with joy , and he becomes talkative . If any one contraries him , teases him or denies his imaginary medical practice , he becomes furious , abusive & aggressive . On all other subjects he is perfectly sane and rational .
We have been unable to obtain any information about him , from any sources whatsoever .