A Steampunk Guide to Hunting Monsters 8 | Page 5



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Sunday June the Thirteenth
" Look , Percy ! Directly below us !" I said , laying my hand against the glass . " Is that an ocean liner ?"
It was a ocean liner indeed — and not just a regular ocean liner , but one of those massive ocean liners of which the nouveau riche are so fond . Personally , when one has the option of traveling by airship , an ocean liner seems somehow ... vulgar . Though perhaps I am being unpatriotic for thinking so , as most of the truly great liners are built in England .
In any case , we crash landed rather neatly upon the rear deck of the ocean liner , and since the liner was moving , our balloon trailed behind us and did not smother us to death . Also attached by their ropes and hooks were the pirate airships , dragging behind our own airship like kites in the wind ! " This is very peculiar ," I said . Just at that moment a little bell rang , and immediately one of the pirates glanced up at the glass ceiling . The blob was crawling across the glass , and its weight was making cracks above . The glass shattered and the blob fell onto the pirate !
The collision caused Cyprien ' s hat to fly off . " My best hat !" he cried as it landed on the blob , intact . After a horrifying struggle , the blob had devoured the goblin pirate and continued to sink straight through the floor , melting a hole into the deck of