A Steampunk Guide to Hunting Monsters 8 | Page 10

My skirts were in danger , and as I avoided the rising waters I saw Cyprien was more concerned with something else . The ocean liner was capsizing on the distant side , where our airship had crashed , first . Our airship was caught firmly in the deck of the ocean liner but also still hooked and anchored to the pirate airships by their harpoons and tethers . Those pirate ships were still airborn , but dragging behind . Since our airship was the major weight causing the ocean liner to capsize , all of this sinking was causing the pirate airships to be pulled by their tethers down into the waters as well . If they were dragged under , all of those sailors would surely drown !
Cyprien grabbed a wayward cutlass as it slid past . The airships were pulled closer and closer towards the waves . He ran forward . The blob followed . Cyprien , then , most majestically , and in a very manly fashion , slashed at the ropes that were entrapping those hopeless pirate ships ! He thrashed through the water like one born to it ! At each snap of the cord , a ship sailed away into the air with cheers from its airdeck .
I wrested my skirts over my knees . I could love such a man , I thought at that moment . What a different view from the thief who once tossed me on my seat during a pursuit !
Then our own airship sank entirely below the waves , snapping the ocean liner in two . As the airship was swept up under the waves , a portion rose out of the water . I saw the lifeboat from earlier — the one still hanging on by that one cord the blob didn ' t dissolve ! It was quickly passing over my head . I grabbed ahold of a portion of broken rope and held on for dear life , trying to prevent our only means of escape from being pulled under . I have no idea why I thought my strength could equal that of an airship embedded in an ocean liner sinking into the sea . Brunhilde wrapped her arms around me to hold me onto the deck . Cyprien swung from his last pirate rescue and landed on the upper portion of the lifeboat , slashing at its remaining rope , dropping it safely to the deck onto the blob , neatly slicing one piece the size of a largish child from the rest . But the lifeboat started to slide down the deck . " Jump !" I commanded , and together , Brunhilde and I leapt into the sliding lifeboat . Cyprien followed . And therefore , too , did the blob , lunging forward and waving its stubby arms at the hat .
" Oh dear ," Brunhilde said , gasping at the sight . " Is that my blob ?"
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It is very awkward to do one ' s memoir-keeping while in a lifeboat with several other persons and a very large blob . It has the hat now . It is wearing it at quite the rakish angle , I might add . I did not think it would fit , but it suits him .
I have picked up an oar to keep the beast at bay in case he grows hungry . A true monster hunter makes her own weapons from whatever she finds around her ; one cannot count on always possessing the required weapon to suit every kind of beast and creature . It is not actually necessary to always carry a weapon . Though it is usually advised to carry something .
At least , there has been no further loss of life ... unless one counts the other section of the blob lost to the sea .
I write these notes in the back of a copy of " Moonlight .” It seems this dreadful novel is the only thing that has survived the sinking of the airship . Mrs . Bamfield clapped her hands as it floated by , exclaiming , " Oh , excellent ! One needs only a good book to make waiting for a rescue less tedious . How far did you manage to read , Miss Dashwood ?"
Mrs . Bamfield did not appear to care about the change of itinerary ... so long as she was reunited with her book . I opened the book once more , and I rejoined my chiffon-clad swooner and her metaphorically-glimmering vampire . I still hoped the swoon was a ploy .