A Steampunk Guide to Hunting Monsters 6 | Page 5

The dreaded Locomotive of the LIVING Tuesday, June the Eighth Since Mr. Vandenklamp tragically perished in the unfortunate incident with the robots, the entire group of monster hunters came together and decided to attend his funeral. It was not far off from where we were crashed, and as repairs were going on, it gave us some free time. Mrs. Clothilde Vandenklamp is suddenly quite frugal since her husband died, and claims that if we take a certain train, and disembark at a certain station, we can switch over to the Necropolis line, a train that runs the dead from the major cities to the countryside for burial. That train stops directly at the Vandenklamp family plot and costs under half the fee of any other railway, as long as the travelers are in mourning. Many in the group like the idea of the savings, though I'm not so sure I need to be so frugal as to ride a train of death! After all, one could place the blame for our entire situation on her. But she has been very helpful, perhaps trying to make up for the crash, by helping us take care of the arrangements and luggage. The Mayor is staying behind. All of his belongings have been scattered across the countryside and he means to go looking for them. Poor man has been left without a shirt on his back! I envied his adventure to recover his clothing, for a train ride and a funeral seemed dreary by comparison. It is the Mayor's express goal to learn more DEAD about monsters to protect his city, that most glorious jewel of all Italia, Venice. However, the handsome man seems to have the most terrible luck. It turns out that he slept through our encounter with the Genie. He was quite contented with the hot bath and dessert he was given by the renegade automatons — until they jettisoned his luggage in the crash. He wound up lost and ended up taking tea with a charming young lady during that debacle with the witch. The mummy he had located in Egypt had remained most resolutely dead. As far as his adventure was coming along, it was rather uneventful compared to mine, and he seems to despair of ever finding a monster worth his mettle. Thursday, June the Tenth We boarded the first train and switched to the death train a few hours later. Night fell during the ride and many of the hunters fell asleep in their seats—which are only as comfortable as the cost of the ticket allows, much to my great annoyance. While I sat trying to gain some semblance of comfort, Missus Mister crept up upon me and whispered in my ear, “Come with me.” Oh, covert secret operations! This was the type of adventure I signed up for! We navigated through the rows of mourners, through the cars, and to the back until we came to cars filled with the corpses of the dead in rows of coffins lining the walls.