A Steampunk Guide to Hunting Monsters 6 | Page 14

We watched in horror as Clothilde Vandenklamp , covered by zombies and riding atop zombies fell to her doom .
“ God damn it !” she cursed , as she fell through the mist below .
I suppose the moment she hit the bottom was the moment all the reanimated fell , as a zombie only obeys its Bokor . We were surrounded by heaps of dead bodies , but one remaining biter stood complacently about , like a child waiting for the bus ! Whatever arts Clothilde had used on it caused it to behave quite uniquely .
In the end , Mr . Vandenklamp gave his life to save us . Or , at least he gave his life and then saved us . Suffice it to say we all attended a very touching funeral service .
We never heard what happened to Clothilde Vandenklamp , but Missus Mister did find the biter so docile that she packed it in a crate and shipped it home where it went on an Exposition tour for her Marvelous Monster company !
We returned to our repaired airship a few days after the zombie incident . After our wait for the final equipment check , we boarded the airship and set off once more , this time across the Atlantic towards America .
Our ship was sailing gaily through the skies when the pirates attacked ...