A Steampunk Guide to Hunting Monsters 17 - Page 9

pearl-studded lilac waistcoat! He looked nearly like a prince himself ! He asked me for a dance, and there is nothing quite like a good quadrille to bring one's spirits up, but he cannot dance. Rather, I watched him throughout the night tripping ladies, treading on their trains, knocking them into punch bowls. I could track his progress upon the fl oor by the number of ladies he managed to trip! I feigned fatigue from viewing all the sights of Venice, and instead sat with him on the dais under the giant ring and heard the most interesting story of this noble family. Percy knew a brief history about Napoleon involving the Ladroncellos. Th e Emperor, ever asserting his masculinity, wanted to show how powerful he was while conquering various nations. He sunk all of the ships of Venice spanning from St. Marks to the Lido including a famous golden ship called the Bucentaur.